Hello friends!

Greetings to you from gorgeous Costa Rica!  It seems that dry season is on it’s way out as the rains are becoming more consistent as the days go by.  It’s beautiful to see how the landscape changes, soaking up the new moisture causing things to grow and bloom.

We are always going through changes as well on the YWAM base.  In January we began our 5th EARs (Environment and Resource Stewardship) School with a great bunch of students from US, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Holland.  During this school we built a solar clothes dryer, (which is not just a clothesline in the sun), and also a solar water heater for the base.  These students graduated April 6th and are now off to make a difference in the world.

In May, we will be headed to Nicaragua for a week to attend a staff & leadership conference.  We are looking forward to connecting with our YWAM family in the area and having time to fellowship and plan for the future growth of the ministry.  When we get back from Nicaragua, we will only have a week to get ready for our first summer team.  I, (Terry) will also be teaching on Spiritual Warfare in San Jose, so it will be a busy month.

Since our dad’s both passed away two years ago, we have only had two weeks off.  We have been wanting to take a longer leave for quite some time to rest, raise our support and get some counciling.  These last few years have been really hard on us with the loss of our car, our house in Colorado, and the loss of our main supporter in December of 2010.  So in June, we are coming back to the US for almost 3 months.  We are still working on the details of our trip, but it looks like we will be in the Colorado, Texas area in June.  In July we have been invited to staff a Sustainable Agriculture Seminar in Hawaii, so we are praying about that as well.   Also we have been invited to Alberta, Canada and Montana to rest and visit supporters so we will be there the rest of July.  From there we are not sure what is going to happen, and pray for God’s continued guidance.

We are hoping to buy a pickup to take back with us since we are always hauling or moving things at the base.  If the Lord provides us with one, we plan to drive it to Florida where Terry’s mom and brothers live and then have it shipped to Costa Rica from there.  This would be a wonderful answer to prayer as we still do not have a personal vehicle.

We would love to see all of you, but time and money to travel will limit our being able to do so.  We will try to see as many of you as we can.  We are looking for opportunities to share in churches or home groups, so if you have any ideas that would help .. please contact us.

Your servants in Christ,

Terry & Donna


4 thoughts on “Hello friends!

  1. Lucy Hernandez says:

    Hello, so many years have passed (Jucum 1991) Sweet and blessed memories. My name? Lucy.

  2. That would be nice if we could see you there – I hope it works out ..

  3. Gail Henard says:

    We’ll be in Colorado during the summer, so we sure hope we’ll get to see you! Maybe at Heart of Trinidad Fellowship?? Love & Blessings, Gail & Dave

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