U.S. Furlough

We are in the United States right now, presently in Denver Colorado.  We left Costa Rica on the 7th, had our flight cancelled in Houston where we spent a relaxed night at the airlines expense in the Hyatt.  We needed that rest!!  We finally arrived in Denver on the 8th and just in time for a conference with Exchanged Life & Grace Ministries.  Since then we have been in some counseling sessions to help us with some “burn-out” symptoms from the stresses we’ve been under for several years.  This has been very timely, encouraging and refreshing for us!

Besides our need to find some rest & encouragement, our goal is to raise our support, as this has been a huge stress factor for us to live with a fraction of what we need.  We can’t continue to operate with our present income, since we can’t even meet our basic living expenses.  In order to travel and visit churches and supporters we will need reliable transportation for the next two months, along with donations for our daily expenses.  If you or anyone you know has a car they can loan us that would be a real answer to prayer, along with any financial gifts.

On another note we have been asked to come to Kona Hawaii to help staff the school of Sustainable agriculture for the first two weeks of July.  They will cover our food and housing but we have to come up with our airfare.  We have close friends and one of my cousins living in Kona so it would be a great chance to see them.  If you would like to help us with this trip please let us know as soon as possible since we only have about two weeks before we would have to leave.  We need appox $1500 for the trip, which would cover airfare for both of us.

After our trip to Kona we will be travelling north to Wyoming to visit the new director of CWAM and to visit one of our supporting churches in Meeteetse.  Then we will head to Montana and on to Alberta to visit  freinds and one of the churches that has supported us and the base for many years.  All in all it is a lot of traveling but we are looking forward to seeing many of you.  If you want to contact us while we are in the US our new phone number is 806-349-3288.  Please give us a call, we would love to talk to you.  We covet your prayers during our travels and time in the U.S.

Blessings to all,

Giving instructions can be found on Needs & Prayer Requests

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