Update from Colorado

Update from Colorado

We have been in Denver and Trinidad in the last two weeks since leaving Costa Rica.  Our time in Denver was fruitful and refreshing.  The Lord miraculously provided all that we needed to attend the conference and counseling sessions, thanks to the generosity of Exchanged Life Ministries.  First Christian Church sent someone to pick us up from Denver to Trinidad last Friday.  They are going to loan us the church van for the next 2 weeks for our travels to Amarillo, Texas and Woodward, Oklahoma.  This past week we have spent visiting with our daughter’s family in Trinidad and other friends in the area.  This Thursday we will be having a potluck at the home of Bill & Kristin Thurston where we will be sharing about our work with some of our YWAM family who are still living in the area. 

Tomorrow we will be heading to Amarillo where we hope to meet with some of our friends and supporters from that area.  We are still looking for a truck and a 4-horse trailer, so if you know anyone who might have one and could possibly donate this for a tax-deduction, let us know.

Monday we will be driving to Oklahoma where our son’s family lives and to visit our newest grandson.  We will be there until Thursday when we head back to Trinidad to drop off the church van.  At this point we need to get another vehicle to continue our trip to Wyoming, Montana and Alberta Canada.  We did find a 1998 Dodge 15-passenger van at a dealer in Trinidad.  They are asking  $4900 for it, but we have asked them to consider donating it for a tax-deduction.  We haven’t heard from them yet, so please pray with us about this possibility.  It would fit our needs for transportation while we are here and would be great asset for the YWAM base since our old van is on it’s last leg.  We have included a picture of it here for you to see.


Our plans to go to Kona, Hawaii for the sustainable agriculture seminar have been postponed until August, so we have to make some adjustments in our plans for July.  At this point we are planning to leave for Wyoming on June 30th and then work our way north to Alberta.  All of this of course is contingent on having a vehicle to do this with, so that is our main concern right now.

We appreciate all the prayers, support, hospitality and great food that we have been getting over the past two weeks.  It has really made us feel cared for and loved and we pray that God will bless you all for it.

Stay tuned for next update! 


Online link to send support:  https://www.meigiving.com/mei.php

Terry & Donna Keith –  #3010

You can also send a tax-deductible gift to:  

Mission Enablers International, (MEI), P.O. Box 1311,  Fayetteville, AR  72702                

Make check out to MEI; please include a note saying your donation is for Terry & Donna Keith – #3010

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