Furlough Trip – Update #3

It is hard to believe but we have already been in the US for 2 months.  This is the longest furlough we have had in 27 years and it has been long overdue.  We have been from Colorado to Alberta, Canada, to Austin, Texas and  Trinidad, Colorado.

Next week on August 15th, we will be headed back to Costa Rica.  It has been a great trip, but we are looking forward to getting home.  Listed here below are some things for you to think about.  We are trying to describe what is involved in taking a furlough.

For a missionary to take a furlough – it is no easy task.  First you must find someone to watch your home, water the plants and feed your animals while you are gone.  Next you need to buy your tickets and make arrangements for someone to take you to the airport in flying out and also pick you up at the airport you arrive at.  Since we don’t have a house, a car or car insurance in the US, God must provide all of these things for us.  Also we need places to stay, money for gasoline, a car to borrow and opportunities to share with people or churches so we can raise money to be able to continue the work God has called us to do.  

Back at home in Costa Rica we still have to pay our rent, utilities, phone, etc so we have to wire money back for this as well.

A good furlough consists in having all of the above in order to be able to visit our kids and grandkids, speak at churches, see some sights – such as national parks, rodeo etc, and some time to just do nothing and get some rest.  This furlough has had all of the above.

We have seen 6 of our 11 grandkids, visited 3 national parks, went canoeing, took hikes and even went to an archery range.  God has given us the opportunity to share in 5 churches and 5 home fellowships and way too much good food.  (I think we have gained several pounds this trip!)  We want to thank everyone for making this time in the US, (and Canada), both fun and productive.

Now we are ready and able to go back and jump back into the work that God has called us to do.  We so appreciate your prayers, letters and financial support!  Please check out our blog periodically for more updates!


Bulldogging event from the Calgary Stampede


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