Merry Christmas  to you all of our dear friends and family,

Just yesterday I had to go to the mall to cash a check at the bank there in order to buy groceries for the mission base.  Our last team of the year was going to arrive and we needed to get some supplies so we could feed them for the next two weeks they will be with us.  I was shocked by the amount of cars on the roads and in the parking lots.  Inside the mall and the grocery store there were people everywhere all rushing around to get their last minute shopping done.  As I observed the intensity by which they went about – each on their own quest for that perfect gift or some special delicacy, I wondered how many of them remembered what we are really celebrating – the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!  For us – this is the most important event in human history and we have committed our lives to see that everyone gets the chance to know Jesus and yet there are still 2.85 billion people in the world that have never heard of him.  How can that be?  What a tragedy!!

This past year has been a whirlwind of activity with schools, teams, Kids Clubs, meetings and travel to many places.  There have been victories and defeats, challenges and releases, but in it all – God has sustained us and given us the strength and grace to continue in what we are doing.  We want to thank all of you for your friendship, prayer and financial support over the years.  We pray that the coming NEW YEAR will be a year of blessing and release for you and your families!  May you have a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of NEW YEARS!

Your missionaries in Christ,

Terry & Donna Keith


Donna teaches quilting techniques to these ladies on Tuesdays at the base. Here they show their talents in the Christmas designs they have been working on.

One thought on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  1. What a beautiful post. I too see all the busyness around Christmas and fear that most don’t even realize the real reason we celebrate! It is sad however if each one of us had the intention of sharing Christ just with one person this year it would change that person’s whole life. May it be many more than that though. Even in the churches people get isolated and busy and forget to look “up” and see others and what they need. May those of us who do look “up” be the catalyst to help others share their faith.

    I love the picture of the quilting class. What a great ministry. Terry was excited to tell us what you were doing with this class. A really great thing and I bet you are loving it!!

    Miss you all!
    Anney Rehm

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