Remodeled bedroom

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to get a quick update to everyone to let you all know what is going on.  First of all, we finished the remodel of the bedroom and we have updated photos below to show you all that has been done.   We started with repainting the room, then we tiled it and fixed the broken windows and then Donna had someone make curtains.  We had the used twin bed and the little lamp stand, but we needed to buy an orthopedic mattress.  We had the sheets but needed one blanket for a twin bed.   Donna has already been staying in the room now to avoid the strain of going up and down the stairs.  She has already felt the difference and has enjoyed the new mattress.  We bought a small (adjustable) table and it has been a nice place for her to do some crafts and I’m sure will come in handy during her recuperation time as well.  We also had to hang a new door because the old one wouldn’t fit due to the new tiled floor, but we still have to stain it to finish it.  We had the wall hanging, but Donna found a nice typical Costa Rican painting that she bought and it fills a very empty wall quite well.

Finished Room

Finished Room










Finished room

Finished room










New bedroom

New bedroom










We have been waiting to hear back from the surgeon to tell us when we can proceed with this procedure with burning the nerves in her back.  We finally heard from him yesterday afternoon.  He said he can schedule it as soon as Monday, July 8th …. IF the operating room is available.  He was going to check on that and let us know.  But at this point, we need to go in Thursday and get a booklet that will tell us the steps we need to do before, and then after the procedure.  This is a big relief for Donna ….. knowing finally that there might be an end to some of her pain.  She has endured a lot in the past several months, and it seems it has just gotten progressively worse as time goes on.  She has noticed that her pain is increased during our heavy rains, and of course, we just entered our rainy season, so there aren’t many days without it.  We just have to pray for God’s hands to be over Donna and the surgeon and that everything goes well and she can come out of this on the other side pain free!  Afterwards of course, she will have to go through physical therapy to get her back muscles, legs, etc. strengthened and back where she needs to be.

We still may need some assistance with continued therapy sessions, as they are not included in the price of surgery.  But, we just want to say how grateful we are for all the help we’ve received for remodeling the room and for the help in paying for the surgery.  The love and care we feel from all of you is overwhelming at times.  Thank you so much for every monetary gift, for every prayer and encouragement that you have given!!   May God bless each one of you!

With His love,

Terry & Donna



PS:  For information on giving, please go to the upper left corner of the blog to “HOME”, then to the “NEEDS & PRAYER REQUESTS” section.  There you will find options and directions!

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