~ Ten Year Cycles~

usSometimes life is all about cycles, isn’t it?  Well, for us, one cycle that continues throughout our married life is the fact that we seem to move from place to place in 10-year cycles.  Between 1975 & 1985, we were based out of the Bivin’s Ranch in Texas.  Then we were based out of Miami, (with YWAM), from 1985 until 1995.  We moved to Stonewall, Colorado in 1995 and left there in 2005 for the YWAM work here in Heredia, Costa Rica.  We have been in Costa Rica since then, in the same house, and were just talking about our 10-year stints, and what that would mean?  Is another move coming up?  We felt no word from God that we are to leave Costa Rica.

A few weeks before we left for Christmas in the States, the owner of our cabin told us that we had to move out by the end of January. The landlady recently divided her property between her kids and now our cabin belongs to one of her daughters. (They were both very emotional about telling us we had to leave, as they said we are like family, ~like grandparents, and they didn’t want to see us go).  It was a little hard for us to go to the states knowing we had to move when we came back.

Well, it was nice to spend time with our kids and some of our grandkids in both Colorado and Texas, but it was really a cold winter with more snow than we have seen in 10 years. (smile) We are not too sure we want to come back again during these cold seasons, so maybe we can get our kids to come visit us here in Costa Rica for some of our warmer climate!

Ten days after we returned to Costa Rica, we hit the ground running with our 9th Environment and Resource Stewardship School with nine students from five nations. We are already in our fourth week of the school and the students are doing great. They are an awesome team! They are planning on going to Kenya and South Sudan for their outreach. Next week our DTS students will be returning from their outreach in Central America, and after a week of debrief, they will be graduating.

So now, in the middle of all this activity, we have been looking for another house to rent. For the past 10 years, we have only been paying $400 per month for a 4-bedroom cabin. We have been looking for over a month but have not been able to find anything for under $800. Well this weekend we finally found a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house for $650 per month, which we believe will meet our needs. It is only 15 minutes from the YWAM base so we will still be close. The property owner said that we could move in this coming Wednesday. We will have to pay the first month and a deposit so we will need $1300 to get into the house. They are willing to let us move in if we give them $800 now and $500 by the 22 of February. We could do that ~but it would leave us nothing for food, gas, utilities etc., for the rest of the month. Would you please pray about helping us with a special gift so we can make this move? Once we are in the house we will still need an additional $250 more each month to add to the $400 we already have budgeted for rent in order to continue. We are trusting God to meet this present need, just as He miraculously provided us a home for these past 10 years for such a low cost! He hasn’t failed us yet!!

Next month I (Terry) am planning on going to New Zealand to teach at the next RescueNet training. I will be taking one of our staff who works as a Paramedic here in Costa Rica. He will be taking the course so that he can become a part of our RescueNet team here. A friend of his has graciously provided our airfares so all we will need is our ground fees and housing while we are there. I believe this friend has even offered to give tickets for both our wives ~ so Donna and his wife, Sara might be able to come with us. This would be a great opportunity for them to be a part of what we are doing, as they usually do not get a chance like this very often.

We appreciate all your prayers, letters and gifts. Wishing you a wonderful Valentines Day and may God’s blessings be with you!

Yours in Christ,
Terry & Donna Keith

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