Tip toe into blogging ..

You have arrived at the new blog of Terry & Donna Keith.  We hope this blog will present a clear picture of who we are and what God has called us to in our lives.   As we attempt to step into this new world of blogging, (which is actually a bit scary – we are definitely learning as we go) – we hope our “footprints” can be easily seen for anyone who would like to follow in the things we share here and have experienced.  Please check back with us for future updates . .

3 thoughts on “Tip toe into blogging ..

  1. Yvette says:

    Glad to see you in the blogging world, we can keep up with you much better this way.

  2. I think it’s already making a difference … and I only had one chick hatch, the other’s died for some reason before hatching. I named the poor lonely chick “Mercy” – – as something surely went wrong, but somehow she made it. Back to the drawing board on the incubator – we think the electricity must’ve gone off during the night.

  3. artbyanney says:

    Great to see you are blogging now. Im sure it will help in many different areas because of sharing of what is going on with you two. Did you have chickies hatch?

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