Needs and Prayer Requests ~ Giving Information

Here’s a list of some of our immediate needs for you to be aware of:

~ We MUST raise $1000 for our MINISTRY BUDGET to cover our travel, & leadership conferences we are required to attend each year.  We are still very short here, which is now coming out of our basic living expenses.  As leaders of this ministry, we are required to attend several regional and international conferences per year. 

~ We just spent around $4000 to rebuild our 97 Toyota Land Cruiser engine that broke down 6 months ago, which should be ready this week.  $1000 + is still needed for new tires & other repairs for our Toyota to get it in good shape again. 

~ OR Donation towards purchase of newer model car.

To give towards our support, please choose one of the following underlined links:   Our prayer is that our Lord would generously bless everyone who gives!

Give Online ~ MEI

You also have the option to send your gift by “snail mail” to the address below:   (include a note saying it is for Terry & Donna Keith)

Please use #3010 for our account

Mission Enablers International

Support Development Services

P.O. Box 2127

Fayetteville, AR 72712

Michelle D. Johnson

(479) 601-3828

How to Donate

P.O. Box 165
South Salem, NY  10590
John Gibson:
Cindy Gibson:

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